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6 Tips for Living Room Arrangement

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Everyone wants a clean, bright living room when they enter. But sometimes this space in the home is small, thing is much, this makes let a sitting room receive a plan to become difficult. Maybe you've thought about DIY, but you don't know where to start. This article will share a few living room organizing tips, so that your home can have more space to use.

1. Use walls as storage space

TV background wall

The TV setting in the sitting room is a very good receive space. Every family can choose the TV wall that has clapboard or cabinet according to his need. This will increase their home space. To be specific, you can choose some unique styles according to the goods in the home finely. For example, you can choose clapboard type cabinet to set more, and goods need to isolate dust can choose the cabinet with a door. To increase aesthetic feeling, you can make the two sides of TV setting wall into bookshelf where you can place on CD, book, handicraft. This can not only save a lot of space, but create the household space accord with host individual character as well, bringing refined artistic effect while increasing convenience. 

Sofa background wall

Sofa setting wall is a root big receive space too. Open plan furniture can be considered when planning this space. If you want to keep a simple style, just design some partitions. You can also do sofa setting a "dig hole" processing, where you can place bamboo to receive basket to receive a few sundry. In this way, it will be more practical to reach for when you need. 

2. Use other furniture to increase storage space

If your living room is full of clutter and you don't know where to put your stuff, a variety of storage products are good choice. There are a lot of sofa bed, sofa chair, coffee table with the design that hides type store ark on the market now. These designs can accidentally create storage spaces without changing the original usage. These spaces allow you to put all the clutter in. When you have all things organized, move the cushions back or put on the tablecloths, everything will look simple and clean.

Make good use of tea table also can make sitting room space becomes more orderly. Use tea table to receive the means that has a variety of diversity. For instance the tea table of two layers, its bottom layer can receive a sitting room sundry, which not only looks beautiful, but also uses practical. And if the tea table itself in your home does not receive another lawyer, do not pass the space below tea table. You can place a covered storage box under the table to collect a few sundries, so the table can be used more efficiently. 

3. Use baskets and storage racks

Anyone with children must find it is a chore to collect small items, which are often strewn around the floor. Children's toys, accessories, hair clips, stationery and other items are not only diverse, but also irregular in shapes. At this time, use receive rack to collect storage box or storage basket is a very good method. You can put your stuff in a box, stick a note on it for easy memory, and then arrange it neatly on the rack. Through such method you will no longer be afraid of messy things.

A simple big multilayer frame can also be a good helper in your living room. This kind of shelf can be used to put a pictures, books, remote controls and other small items for easy access at any time, or you can also put garden flower pot to add the beauty of your house.

4. Organize messy wires

When messy wires scatter on the ground, they are not only unsafe, but also make the overall space looks ugly and messy. It is recommended that you can try to use a secure nylon buckle or insulated cable cover to store these wires. Doing so can increase the space of the ground. And it may also helps you be not afraid of getting an electric shock in accident.

5. Use the windowsill space

If your living room has a bay window design, make a wooden sofa seat on your window. You can sit on it in your normal life. When storage is needed, open the lid to use the storage space below. If your living room only have a flat window design, you can make a casual bench by the window. The bench itself can also be a storage cabinet. 

6. Furniture collocation of small objects storage

When you are arranging the position of receive goods, do not make things piled up in one place certainly, because such meeting will make the sitting room looks very small. If you want to solve the contradiction that sitting room space is limited and receive goods overmuch, be about to learn to store content and receive skills. You need to have a basic idea of the layout of the living room. This is choose reasonable and learn to place the large furniture such as TV ark and bookcase. You need to make the most use of them to help with storage. At the same time, you also need to learn to cooperate small collocation tools with big furniture to increase the use of the space. Conditional family still can choose custom-made furniture, the advantage with these custom-made furniture is that they can make every inch of the house gets effective usage.





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