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Do You Use the Brooms and Mops Correctly?

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Do You Use the Brooms and Mops Correctly?

In the daily life, especially when we clean the house, we use brooms and mops. Most of us regard brooms and mops as very common daily necessities that can help our homes become cleaner, however they may be also the items which are most easily affected by bacteria.

How many brooms are there in your house? Does each room have its own broom, or does the whole family use one? Maybe the broom in our house looks clean, but you know, the amount of dandruff and dust mites hidden in our hair and body actually exceeds your imagination. When we feel that there is dust in the house and we need to clean it with a broom, it seems to make the house cleaner, but what you ignore is that the dust in the room will become thicker because of the the air in the whole room became more turbid during cleaning.

As such a common household cleaning item in our life, after we clean the floor with a broom, the whole interior looks neat and orderly. But you will also notice that there is a lot of dust in the air after sweeping the floor with a broom. These dust clouds contain a lot of bacteria, which can easily cause people to breathe poorly and easily cause infection. 


Although our human nasal cavity has a certain barrier function to dust and bacteria, the bacteria and microorganisms that can be removed from the nasal cavity are also limited. Generally speaking, the dust and smaller particles larger than 10 microns can be blocked off from the nasal cavity,  others tiny dust inhales directly into our respiratory system, which may cause a lot of inflammation in the respiratory tract, or even asthma over time. When these tiny dust invade the body, they deposit in the alveoli of the lungs, gradually causing symptoms such as bronchitis.

The mop is much more prone to breeding bacteria. People usually  use a broom to remove the floating ashes and then drag the floor of the whole house with a mop. Most of the dust removed by broomsticks is dry dust, and mops are attached to many harmful bacteria, which is hard to remove. After mopping the ground with a mop, many of harmful bacteria attached to the mop are taken with it from outside to our homes. What's more, the mop is moist in most time, which is very helpful for the reproduction and growth of these bacteria.

Common bacteria that are easily attached to mops, including E. coli, Salmonella typhi, Shigella, etc., which may even be fatal to some children and older people with weak resistance. You may be confused, if the mop used to clean up the house is so dangerous, how should the sanitation of the home be handled? Actually,as long as you use the the brooms and mops in the correct methods, it will be much safer and cleaner.


The Correct Way to Use Your Brooms and Mops

1.You should have more than one brooms in our house. It's best to use a broom alone in each room for individual use. This can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria in different rooms.

2. When sweeping the floor, we can put the old stockings on the broom and clean the floor. Because stockings are prone to static electricity, the hair and dust on the ground can easily stick to the surface of stockings when sweeping the floor. After cleaning the floor, you can throw away the stockings on the broom directly.

3. Generally speaking, after using the plastic brooms, you can simply rinse them with water, and then leave the broom in the sun for a period of time until it is dry. This process can reduce most of the bacteria attached to the brooms.

4. Clean brooms thoroughly and regularly. The way to wash a broom is to add some bleaching powder to the water. The ratio is about 1:100. 

5. When mopping the ground, some low concentration bleaching agent or potassium Permanganate can be sprayed on the ground. This will kill most of the bacteria on the ground during the mopping process, and it can effectively prevent most bacteria from sticking to the mop.

6. After using the mop, wash the mop thoroughly with clean water, and then put it in the sun. The area is exposed to dry conditions in order to effectively prevent bacteria from being contaminated on mops for reproduction.

7. Don't put used mops in the corner of the bathroom. The environment of the bathroom itself is humid and warm, which is easy to breed bacteria. 

Broomsticks and mops are important daily necessities for  household cleaning. Everyone hopes that the family's living environment is cleaner and more comfortable. So don't ignore the cleaning of the cleaning tools.





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