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Cleaning equipment used to be pretty basic. If you wanted a broom, you would drive to the store and buy whichever model was available. Large discount chains might have carried two choices—blue or red. But times have changed. There are now thousands of cleaning tools on the market, all of which boast unique features. Most stores today carry numerous options. In light of this, which one should you select?


  • Corn broom. A stiff broom usually made from 100% broom corn or a mixed corn fiber blend that is often used to sweep sidewalks, barn isles and other areas requiring small amounts of heavy wet or dry debris to be moved easily.

  • Angle broom. Most often used where a heavier broom may scratch flooring, the bristles for an angle broom are typically synthetic and are softer and less likely to damage surfaces. Available in various sizes and styles, some angle brooms are cut on a severe angle to allow them to easily sweep debris from corners.

  • Upright broom. Best for smooth surfaces such as tile, wood floors, sealed concrete, patios, driveways or job sites. Upright brooms are made with fine synthetic or polystyrene fibers to handle wet or dry debris, dust or hair, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. There are many sizes and styles; some are cut on an angle to reach under theater or bus seats, furniture or even to clean baseboards. Many even feature protective bumpers.

  • Push broom. Used to sweep a large area quickly, such as heavy dirt on concrete or other rough surfaces, the wide head of a push broom can clean large areas quickly. This long-handled broom has a long, flat head, attached on an angle to a wooden handle. The fiber bristles may be soft or hard, and available in a variety of materials.


Where do you plan to sweep? 

Some brooms are gentle and best suited for indoor use in kitchens, hallways and areas with hardwood floors while others are specially designed for heavy-duty applications in workshops, garages and commercial locations. Brooms come in a range of sizes, from large, industrial-strength sweepers designed to clean filthy commercial areas to small, standard, modest household models. You might find it best to buy different brooms for various areas of your home to make sure you don’t track garage dirt onto your kitchen floors or bathroom dust bunnies into the nursery. Most indoor brooms feature bristles made from synthetic materials which offer excellent flexibility and are densely packed together to easily grab fine dust particles along with larger chunks of debris. Classic straw or corn brooms are also used indoors and are best suited for sweeping up large materials. Because they handle large debris well, they make an excellent choice for clearing porches or walkways.


How soft is your surface? 

For delicate surfaces that can be dulled and damaged, such as hardwood floors, you may want to consider purchasing a soft dust mop or gentle wide-bristled style, which is designed to gently clean without scratching. Rubber brooms work great as do microfiber tools which won’t scratch or mar the finish of your floors and often work better than traditional brooms.





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