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How To Clean Your Cleaning Tools

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Our cleaning tools help you get your apartment spick-and-span, but they won't be as effective if they're dirty. You may not have considered tidying up your tools–they clean, so why clean them?--but doing so is worth your time. Your supplies can harbor bacteria, dirt and debris when not properly cared for.

Everything from vacuuming to sweeping will be more effective when your cleaning tools are in better condition. With that in mind, you may be wondering how to clean your tools. Here's a guide for all the supplies you use most:



Sponges that are used in the kitchen can be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher along with a regular load every few days. For bathroom sponges, soak them in water, pour about a tablespoon of vinegar on top, and pop them into the microwave for 2 minutes on high. Allow to cool thoroughly before taking out. As a bonus you will also be loosening the dirt on the inside of your microwave, making it easier to wipe clean! Replace sponges every 3 to 4 weeks.


Microfiber Cloths and Rags

Regular rags and old t-shirts can be washed as normal. But you want to take a few additional steps to clean microfiber rags. Rinse. Place in a delicates bag. Wash alone or with towels. Add laundry detergent. Avoid fabric softener or dryer sheets. Try not to use them to clean overly oily or greasy things. Stick them in the dryer as normal. Wash after every use.



With all the dust and dirt your broom picks up, it can get messy. Fortunately, getting it to shine isn't too challenging.

Every week, bring your broom outside and knock it against a wall or railing to loosen the dust. You can also comb the broom or use a vacuum hose to clean the bristles if theres too much dust or hair to shake off.

Once a month, soak the broom in a solution that contains warm water and dish soap. Rinse the broom and let it dry before you use it again.


Scrub Brushes

For your toilet scrub brushes, consider dunking in some warm water mixed with bleach after use. Scrub brushes for dishes and glasses can be throw in the dishwasher. Other brushes can be washed with water and baking soda or if they’ve scrubbed something greasy, warm water, dish detergent and a little white vinegar. When cleaning scrub brushes with wooden handles, don’t soak the wood. Clean once a month.


Toilet Brushes

If your household uses bleach, simply combine 1 cup of it with a kettle of boiling water. Swish the brush in the mixture and let sit for an hour. If you’re bleach free, 1 cup peroxide and 1 kettle of boiling water should do the trick. After 30 minutes, dump and repeat to ensure things are doing the best job they can.

 toilet brushes

Brooms & Mops

These two items do a great deal around the home and we’re willing to bet you’ve never really cleaned your broom before. Wipe down it’s handle with a mild cleansing solution and then fill your sink (or a bucket outdoors) half way with warm soapy water. Run your fingers through the bristles while keeping them submerged. Drain water and run hot water over the bristles until it runs clear. Take outside to dry in the sun if possible (even if you can only stick the bristles out the window to catch a few rays) angling downwards slightly to drain remaining water off.

 Removable cotton mop heads can be thrown in the washing machine to be cleaned, while sponge versions can usually be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher. You can also soak them in lemon juice and allow to dry outside in full sun and then rinse with a vinegar and water solution.





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