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How to Keep Dish Brush Clean and New?

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When it comes to keeping our dishes clean, dish brushes are probably our most dependable tools.Why?

Anyone who’s studied 6th-grade science will know that bacteria and microorganisms just love wet things to create families in! Anything that stays wet for almost the whole day or long durations for days at a stretch is bound to become a paradise for bacteria. So basically, if you’re using a cloth or a sponge, you are not only farming bacteria, but also bringing them onto all your dishes while aiming to clean them! The irony is real.

dish brush

Luckily, that’s not the case with dish brushes. Their distinct, separate bristles make it a piece of cake to dry them off. Since they do not retain water, they do not have the risk of becoming a microorganism’s factory.

Therefore, you can actually clean your dish brush more often and use it in no time, unlike sponges or clothes for which you have to wait long periods of time for them to dry off if you do wash them. Cleaning your cleaner tools is very, very important even though it is something we tend to ignore.

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So how should you clean your dish brush, you ask? The ease of cleaning your dish brush depends on whether yours has a wooden handle and if you own a dishwasher.

If the answer to both those points is yes, then cleaning your dish brush is the easiest thing ever. Just put it in the silverware or top rack (bristle side up) when you’re going to run a cycle and you’ll get a squeaky clean dish brush at the end of it. But do make sure you took off any big chunks of food that were stuck on the bristles.

On the other hand, if you do not have one with a wooden handle or your own dishwasher, worry not because there’s a simple way you can clean your brush too. The simple strategy is to soak your brush in a mixture of white distilled vinegar and dish soap for an hour or so.

Hygiene is not something we can compromise with. Especially if you have a family to take care off, the smallest of mistakes can have the biggest consequences. Make sure to clean your dish brushes regularly!





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