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How to Keep Floor Clean?

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Learning how to properly clean a floor will keep it looking spic and span, whether it is carpet, wood, tiles, or linoleum. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping are all techniques for getting rid of dirt and debris from the floor. Cleaning a floor correctly will save you time and energy, and will give you a great result!


Use a clean broom

A clean broom is key to making sure that it will actually clean the floor, rather than add more dirt to it. The bristles should all be facing in one direction.


Sweep high traffic areas every day

 Floors that get a lot of use, such as a kitchen floor, will need to be swept every 1-2 days to be kept clean. Keep in mind that darker colored flooring will take a bit longer to start looking dirty than lighter flooring.

 clean the floor

Start with a Solid Foundation

Vacuum once a week, and do it like you mean it. A good time is on the weekend, when you can spend a half hour or more removing accumulated dirt.


Kick off Your Shoes

Inforce a no-shoe policy inside your home. Outdoor shoes transfer bacteria like E. coli to floors, according to a study done at the University of Arizona. At the door, set out a basket of slippers or skid-resistant socks to encourage the habit for family members and guests alike.


Spot-Treat Daily

Even if you cut down on the bacteria coming into your home, you have to address the mess your family creates. Whether you have a perennial trail of crumbs in the kitchen or muddy footprints in the hallway, identify trouble areas and spend a few minutes daily cleaning them. It's time well spent, considering that bacteria can make your family sick, and even the smallest of crumbs can invite critters and pests.





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