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How to Remove the Odor of Storage Box?

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Plastic storage containers are very commonly used to store food. Many times, the food leaves an unpleasant or strong odor which does not go even after washing and drying the container. This is because plastic has a tendency to absorb the odor which then becomes very difficult to get rid of. If you have such containers, then do not worry. It may take some extra effort, but you can certainly remove the odor with the help of some commonly found things at home.

Washing a plastic container in a dishwasher helps remove odor, but if your container isn't dishwasher-safe, and needs to be washed manually, the following are some methods that work well in getting rid of the odor from the container.

Newspapers are one of the most convenient and effective ways of removing bad odor. First of all, wash the container properly with soap water. Dry the lid and the container properly. Now, crumple some black and white newspapers and place it in the container. Close the lid properly and keep it like that for two to three days. When you will open the container, the smell will be gone, as the carbon in the newspaper absorbs the bad odor.

Sunlight: Just keeping a properly washed container directly in sunlight to dry will solve your problem. Place the container in sunlight for 1 to 2 hours, and get rid of the odor naturally.

Besides, If you don't want your winter blankets or summer shirts to smell like plastic next season, you can air out, scrub away or absorb the chemical odor. Because you might have to try more than one method to remove the foul smell, purchase storage totes several days before you need to pack them.

Go through belongings and toss items you don’t want, or that have mildew or mold damage. Purchase plastic bins with tight lids for storage instead of cardboard boxes, which allow moisture and smells to permeate them. Remove all items from storage and wash clothing and other washable items.

Mop hard floors in the storage space with a solution of three parts white vinegar and one part water. This will help eliminate bad odors. If the storage space is carpeted, vacuum and then spray the carpet thoroughly with the vinegar solution and allow to dry.

Spray walls with the vinegar mixture. Allow the mixture soak into walls for 30 minutes, and then spray again before wiping walls with a sponge. This mixture will also help remove dirt or bacteria that might contribute to the storage odor.

Place a dehumidifier in the storage space overnight to allow it to remove moisture. After you have put items back into the storage space, use a dehumidifier in the area overnight once a month to combat moisture problems.

Cut a piece of cotton cloth and lay flat. Pour one-half cup of baking soda and two tsp. ground mint leaves on the cloth. Gather the edges of the cloth and tie with string. Make a sachet for each bin in your storage area. The sachets will absorb odors help keep the contents of bins smelling fresh.

Place items in plastic bins along with the sachets. If you have items that will not fit into bins, wrap them in plastic garbage bags or cover them with a tarp.





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