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How to clean a toilet brush?

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We all need to know how to clean a toilet brush and toilet brush holder thoroughly and effectively: disinfecting these accessories is an essential part of ensuring your bathroom is as hygienic as possible.Fortunately, cleaning a toilet brush and its holder is pretty simple, as household tasks go – and it’s a natural step to take after you’ve scrubbed the toilet bowl. So make sure you have a clean toilet brush with our comprehensive guide!


How to Clean a Toilet Bowl Brush Using Bleach

An efficient method is to soak the toilet brush in bleach. Before applying this technique, do remember to read the product label for application instructions, paying particular attention to any safety guidelines bleach is a powerful product.


1. Fill a bucket with hot water and add bleach. Add 2 cups (470 mL) of bleach to the water. Follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. For a more eco-friendly method, you can add washing soda crystals to the water instead of bleach.

2. Put your toilet brush in the bucket and leave for an hour.

3. Take the brush out and rinse it. Once clean, remove the brush from the bucket and rinse it under hot water. Replace your toilet brush in its holder. Your brush should be cleaned at least once each month.

4. Don’t forget to disinfect the sink or tub you use to rinse the brush when you’re done.

5. Wash your hands. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water to prevent the spread of germs. This should be done after each cleaning.

 toilet cleaning brush

Key Points:

1. Bleach and hot water are key to cleaning a toilet brush.

2. Wear rubber gloves when using bleach.

3. You can use bleach or disinfectant spray for your toilet brush holder.





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