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Let's Talk about The Peeler

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The peeler is a tool used to cut the epidermis of food, which can easily and effectively remove the epidermis of food and save time. The peeler is one of the most common household items, the main function is to peel the melon and fruit things.

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The peeler is connected by the column of the coat with the thimble rod and the cutter mechanism, fixed to the bottom cover with the fork shaft, the base, the transmission rod into the column, the upper end through the cutting knife mechanism, the thimble rod, the through hole on the cover plate and the plunger, the handle connection, the lower bottom through the base and the gear connection, The transmission device is formed by meshing the middle gear with the end gear of the fork shaft. The cutter mechanism is connected by a clutch button with a spring, a knife rod and a tool holder, and the cutter is connected by a rotating rod to the head seat and a blade frame with a force plate, which is characterized in that one end of the spring is fixed on the outer wall of the clutch button and the other end is fixed on the cantilever rack in the middle of the tool holder The side of the opening is planar, one side is inclined, there is a through hole on both sides of the wall, there is an opening connected with the vertical opening on the top, there is a groove on the side corresponding to the vertical opening, and the end of the rotating rod is U-shaped, the outer wall has a triangular convex column connected with the cutter rod, one end is Also includes the base of the digging knife, the top of the fork shaft in addition to the middle of the needle, the surrounding there are corresponding, spaced pins.

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A potato peeler, especially suitable for irregular shape of potatoes, turnips, melons and fruits and so on to peel. By the coat there is a thimble rod, the column of the cutter mechanism is connected with the cover plate, fixed on the bottom cover with fork shaft, on the base, the transmission rod into the column and fork shaft end of the gear through the middle gear and the transmission rod end of the gear composed of the transmission device, but also includes the base of the digging knife, fork shaft In addition to the middle of the needle, the surrounding The head seat side is flat, one side is inclined; this knife head seat and blade rack with blade in the cutting knife mechanism to close the surface of the potato peeling, its peeling effect is good, complete function, easy to use, time saving, labor-saving, suitable for families, restaurants, hotels to use.





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