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Say Goodbye to the Messy Desktop

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For many white-collar workers and students, a worktable is essential. But the problem is that desks are piled up everywhere. We often complain that the desk is not big enough and scramble around looking for signature pens.Whether it's work or study, a clean and tidy desk is the first guarantee of more concentration and efficiency. A cluttered desktop can not only reduce people's efficiency, but also make people depressed. Today I would like to recommend some tips for sorting out desks, so that you can say goodbye to the messy desktop.

1、Organize things in a way that works for you

In order to find what we need, we can make good use of the empty space under and beside the workbench, where we can put the receiving boxes and bookshelves. Put the commonly used books, materials and stationery here, and you can get what you need at any time. In this way, we can not only find things conveniently, but also give full play to the use of space.

plastic desk organizer

2、Make good use of metope

The wall in the small space is a treasure land, and it can also be a good display space. Small magnetic whiteboards can be suspended on the walls. We can paste notes and convenience stickers on them, which is clear and convenient.

plastic storage box

3Make good use of the space over the table

Scattered objects are the top rivals of the desktop. No matter where you put them on the desktop, they will be easily messed up. At this time, all kinds of small receipt boxes on the desk are your first choice. Pen holders, bookshelves, small baskets are treasures of desktop receipt. Scattered items on the desktop can be classified and placed well with them which saves space and time to find things.

Have you learned these tricks? In fact, we do not need to spend too much time to clean up our desk, we can easily build a comfortable and tidy desk with the help of some small tools.





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