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The Development trend of Commodity Industry

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Daily necessities, also known as daily necessities, are daily necessities, such as household goods, household food, household appliances and household appliances.

The global environment includes new global markets, as well as important international political events and important cultural and institutional characteristics of global markets. Companies need to pay attention not only to their own markets, but also to new global markets, as well as those that are changing. Many global markets are becoming borderless, regional boundaries blurred and integrated, and companies need to consider opportunities as well as potential threats.

daily necessities

The breadth and depth of China's economic reform and opening up to the outside world will continue to expand, and the degree of marketization will be further enhanced, thus arousing the vitality and enthusiasm of the people in all aspects, especially in the private sector. China's political environment is stable, major principles and policies will remain stable and continuous, and the huge market potential brought about by the upgrading of consumption structure will continue to expand. With the sustained effect of China's accession to the WTO, Foreign capital will further increase investment in China. The overall trend of China's macro-economy is optimistic. In the coming years, it is likely that the country will a sound fiscal policies and that investment will be maintained With steady growth, consumption growth will increase steadily, exports will continue to grow through overcoming various barriers in foreign trade frictions, imports will continue to grow rapidly, and most industry enterprises will be placed in a generally favorable external macro environment. Opportunities outweigh risks.

In view of the above macro environment, several environmental factors constitute the uncontrollable factors outside the enterprise, which bring opportunities or threats to the production and operation of the enterprises in this industry. These factors are beyond the control of the enterprise itself, but enterprises should make great efforts to analyze and grasp the opportunities that already exist or can be foreseen in the environment, and try to avoid, reduce or even eliminate the threats posed by the macro-environment to the enterprise. Prepare for strategic adjustments.





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