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4 Tips Making Your Room Look Bigger

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With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the increasing convenience of shopping, the rooms we live in are filled with more and more things, and we have less time to sort them out. Do you often encounter this situation? Coming back to your home in a mess and the big room looks very small. So how can we better clean up our room? Next we will introduce how to organize our room in four areas.

The Arrangement of Living Room

This area is usually used to entertain guests, so if it looks messy, it will definitely leave a bad impression. Therefore, we can use the following methods to organize our living room:

1) Expand the storage space with a shoe cabinet, a shelf, etc. For example: placing a stereoscopic shoe rack at the door, it can not only increase the storage space, but also can be placed some potted plants, you will have a good mood when you enter the house;

2)Make full use of the wall space. We can use the wall racks to place all kinds of small beloved items;

3) Make full use of the edges and gaps. Choose some storage boxes, use the sofa side and other space masterly to make the whole living room clean, simple and stylish.

storage box

The Arrangement of Bedroom

In the bedroom, are you troubled with finding the clothes you need? The interior space of the cabinet is limited and should be sorted and arranged masterly.

1) Only the clothes which will be worn regularly should be put in the wardrobe. The spare clothes can be stored in the storage cabinet which is dust-proof and easy to find;

2)Underwear and socks should be placed in a special classification storage drawer, which is both neat and tidy and easy to take out.

3) Quilt and winter clothing can be put into a flat storage box after being packed in a compression bag. You can place the storage box on the bottom of the bed or the top of the cabinet, which saves space and is easy to find, so that the arrangement of the whole bedroom is warm and tidy.

storage cabinet

The Arrangement of Kitchen

Our kitchen is always filled with all kinds of bottles and jars, pots and pans, vegetables and fruits. How to make the kitchen neat and clean?

1)A multi-layer stereoscopic rack is the best choice. Various seasonings and fruits and vegetables can be placed in different categories.

2)Use the blank space under the cabinet. Using the hooks to hang various kitchen utensils and cups, it is not only neat and tidy, but also easy to take when you need them. For example, you can choose chopsticks storage box for storing chopsticks.

3) Using the quilting space and selecting the pull-out cabinet with the appropriate size, then the kitchen storage area can be added. The pull-out cabinet is both beautiful and practical.

4) Optimize the storage space of the drawer. Put a variety of small partitions in the drawer, and put various seasonings or knives, forks, spoons, etc. into the partitions.

chopsticks storage box

The Arrangement of Bathroom

Since this area is more prone to generate bacteria, it must not be ignored when sorting.

1) For daily toiletries, use the drain hanging plastic basket to keep it ventilated and look neat and clean;

2) Using the toilet side and wall space masterly: wrought iron storage rack, wall rack, etc., it can not only saves space, but also expands the storage space. The whole bathroom looks bright.

3) The changed clothes can be loaded with the laundry basket.

laundry basket

With the above simple arrangement, the room has become bigger and more neat and tidy. It is also very convenient and quick to find things.





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