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What is the Best Rubbish Bin for Bathroom?

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The bathroom is a necessary area for every family. The hygiene of the bathroom is also a concern topic for many people. The bathroom is particularly prone to produce fumes. So where does the smell of the bathroom come from? How should we reduce fumes? How should the cleaning items, such as the rubbish bin, be selected in the bathroom? This article will focus on these issues.

The Sources of Bathroom Fumes

1) From the Closestool

The closestool is usually sealed with glass glue. If there is fumes, it can be smelled when you are close to it. You can use the glass glue to seal the bottom. Then, if you can look at the water seal of the closestool, if there is still a smell, it means that the water seal of the closestool is damaged. At this time, you have to change the closestool.

2) From the Floor Drain

Be sure to install a deodorant floor drain. If the bathroom has a persistent fumes, it means that the floor drain will not deodorize. Just replace it with a new one. You can buy a drain core on the internet and it is easy to replace it. If there is a not-used floor drain in the bathroom, block it with a sandbag.

3) From the Washing Table

Under normal circumstances, the water pipe installed by the developer has a water seal, but it is not necessary, so you should pay attention to it. When the general worker installs the vanity, they consider that the default water pipe in your bathroom has water seal, so that he will directly push the water into the pipe. If there is a persistent sour smell in your bathroom at this time, it is likely that there is no water seal. If you smell the continuous fumes at the sink, it is easy to solve. Bend the pipe into the lower water pipe.

4) From the Garbage Can

If the garbage can is placed near the closestool in the bathroom, The garbage should be cleaned frequently. The bathroom is a confined space and it is damp and dark, it is more likely to increase bacteria growth and the closure of the fumes.

waste bin

Bathroom Waste Bin Selection

Should the bathroom trash be with lid? Many people are accustomed to place uncovered trash cans in the bathroom,it is convenience to throw waste paper. However, it is very unhealthy for human health. Therefore, the bathroom must be placed with a covered trash can, and it should be cleaned in time to avoid storing waste paper for a long time.

There are a variety of different trash cans in the market.

1) Rubbish bin with manual lid, which requires us to open the lid by hand. It is not very hygienic, so we don’t recommend you to buy such a trash can.

2) Rubbish bin with lid need foot stepping, which is relatively hygienic, and it is not necessary to open the lid by hand. However, the trash can also has certain disadvantages, that is, it is easy to be trampled, and it needs to be replaced later. But overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

3) Rubbish bin with 360-degree rotatable lid, the price of this trash can is higher, but it is very convenient. However, its sealing performance will be worse. Young people who like novelty things can try this trash can.

In short, it is recommended to choose a trash can with a lid in the bathroom. But which kind of rubbish bin to choose, it can be combined with your own actual situation.

rubbish bin

Other Tips for Removing the Bathroom Fumes

1) Remove the fumes with cooling ointment. Open the cooling ointment and place it in a low corner of the bathroom to remove the fumes. A box of cooling ointment can be used for 2-3 months, it is economical and practical.

2) Remove the fumes with orange peel. Wash and dry the orange peel and spread it in the bathroom to remove the fumes.

3) Remove the fumes with vinegar. Vinegar can also remove fumes. As long as placing a cup of balsamic vinegar on the wash basin table, the fumes in the bathroom will disappear immediately. However, the vinegar is usually valid for 6 to 7 days, that is, it should be replaced every other week or so.

4) Install a deodorizing and sterilizing instrument. You can install a machine like this, it is very useful to remove fumes.

5) Install a ventilation fan. Install a better ventilation fan, with ventilation, it can quickly change the smell of the bathroom.

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