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How to Clean the Pan?

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For every family, brushing pots is an unavoidable topic. So how do we brush the pot properly after we finish our meal?

Firstly, how can we brush the casserole? 

When the casserole is greasy, we can rub the remaining tea residue on the surface of the casserole several times to remove the greasy dirt. While facing other oil stains, we can also pour some rice washing water into the pot, soak it, then heat it, and finally brush the dirt in the pot. Next rinse it with clean water.

The second one is the pressure cooker. While cleaning the stains left on the pressure cooker, we can cut off the used toothpaste, wipe the surface of the pressure cooker directly with the toothpaste skin. And then rinse the toothpaste and dirt with clean water. Another way is to apply a little vinegar on the stain. After a period of time, wipe it with a cleaning cloth and rinse it with clean water.

In fact, most of the cotton rag, which cotton fiber is easy to fuse with oil and other pollution, it will deterioration and taste. After a period of time, the rag will become smelly and dirty. What's more, Dr. Charles of the University of Arizona found that cotton rags contain more than 1 million bacteria every 6.5 square centimeters for more than three months. 

pan cleaning brush

Scraping with sandpaper and wire balls can solve the problem, but there will be scratches in the pot. So what should we do? Why not try to use cleaning pan brush? It can wash away dirt easily. When washing dishes, it is not stained with oil. It is easy to wash them and flush them away easily. The most important thing is that it has neither mildew and odor, nor bacteria and mold growing on it. Dish cleaning brush is really good.

Thirdly, the iron pot is relatively easy to produce mildew. We can use the remaining tea bags to remove the mildew. First, the inside and outside of the pot are evenly coated with some salad oil, then the pot is heated on the fire directly. Put some dry tea bags in the pot, it will solve the situation of mildew. If there is rust in the pot, you can add some water to the pot and put some fresh leek. When the pot is heated, you can wipe the bottom of the pot with a shovel to remove the rust. 

dish cleaning brush

Fourthly, the aluminum pan usually appears black dirt, we can use fruit and vegetables to deal with them, such as lemon, onion, cucumber, apple peel and so on. Take apples for example, if we boil water and apple peel together in an aluminum pot for a while, the black dirt will be easy to clean. If the aluminum pan is blackened, onions can be boiled with water, which also has some significant effects. 

Finally, stainless steel pots are also prone to black dirt and difficult to clean. If it's dirt in the pot, we can put some water in the pot and a few pineapple peels. The water should cover the dirt. Then heat it for about 20 minutes. You can clean when the water is cool, the black dirt can be removed. If it is black dirt outside the pot, we have to prepare a bigger pot, just put the small pot with black dirt into the big pot to boil.





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