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The Best Storage Tips for Kitchen

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Kitchen is the area often visited in daily life, we can cook whatever we want in it. Its cleanliness and neatness affects our cooking mood. Therefore, it is important to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.

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The Meaning of Kitchen Arrangement

There are so many small items in the kitchen, such as seasonings, tableware, pots, vegetables, fruits, etc. If you do not store these items well, you will find it difficult to find them quickly when you need them. Therefore, the kitchen arrangement not only makes the kitchen look cleaner and neat, but also allows us to better find what we need.

Kitchen Item Classification

1) Household Appliances

They are basically indispensable in kitchen. Here I only refer to what is most frequently used, like rice cookers and electric kettles.

2) Cooking Tools

Cooking utensils, shovel, fried spoons, etc., as well as bowls and plates for cooking.

3) Food Ingredients

These are what you buy, mainly considering temporary storage space.

4) Seasoning

This is always separate, because the using frequency is also quite high, and there are certain requirements for convenience.

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Principles of Kitchen Arrangement 

The most important thing to arrange the kitchen is to meet the storage needs, of course, there is convenience requirement. For example, seasonings, it is best to get it at your fingertips.

In addition, the storage methods should be diversified. When customizing cabinets, it is necessary to determine the cabinet form according to our own habits. It is not said that it is good to do the hanging cabinets in all places. The kitchen arrangement should be determined according to the frequency of the use of the items, we can install cabinets, partitions, hooks, etc. In this way, the storage space is available, and the convenience also can be taken into consideration.

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Recommended Storage Items for Kitchen 

1) Food Storage Container

It can temporarily store vegetables and fruits, so it won't look messy.

2) Rice Storage Box

Mainly storage rice, cornmeal, beans, etc.

3)Storage Cabinet/Storage Drawer Cabinet

You can put some pots or other tools that are not commonly used (of course not too big) in it, so that you can make full use of the kitchen space.

4) Storage Drawer

You can store some small scattered items.

5) Tableware Storage Box

It has super storage capacity. It always be used to store tableware. The space utilization is very high.

6) Condiment Box/Seasoning Box

It is used to store various seasonings such as sugar, salt and pepper,etc.

7) Storage Cart

It can be used in low-utilization and bulky appliances, such as ovens.

8)Partition and Hooks

These two are mainly used for some items with high utilization rate and small volume, which can can be used as a supplement for cabinet storage.

9)Drain Basket

According to the usage habits, after the tableware is cleaned, there will be a draining area. In this case, you can put a drain basket next to the sink.





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