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8 Tips for Daily Storage

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The meaning of storage is not only to make our home cleaner, but also to teach us how to live.

Many people think of organizing as simply throwing things away in a big closet, or simply putting the mountains of stuff on a countertop in a little more order. But if you only do this, you're wasting your time. No matter how hard you try, your home will still be a mess.

storage box

Some Tips of Organizing

1. Organize by area. Both large and small spaces need to be marked by distinct compartments.

2. If you don't live alone, separate your belongings from your roommates to avoid chaos.

3. Make full use of vertical space, wall and desktop space.

4. Don't blindly add storage tools. If the storage tools are not chosen well, the more they are, the messier they will look, which will not improve the overall storage effect. When learning to organize, you can choose a storage box.

5. Store items with the same purpose nearby. Keep items with similar attributes together, not scattered around. This will also shorten your route while you search for the items you need. At this time all sorts of model storage boxes to be very good choice, undertake when finishing very convenient.

6. Organize by frequency of use: the frequency of use should be considered after the nearby storage of items with consistent use. Prioritize the items you use most, and move the items you don't use most to the back.

7. The best use of space: the smaller the space, the more careful calculation, we should be good at using every corner, not a gap.

8. Like hanging: to be clean and convenient, it's best to hang everything. Those "S" hooks and stainless steel clips we often see can be used with ease.


storage box

"Hide", "Classification", "Drop" The premise that wants to receive perfectly, want to undertake systematical organize all goods namely. So to organize well, you need to know three words: "hide," "separate," and "throw away."


Why do other people's houses look so neat because there are so few things exposed?

The best way to keep your space from clutter is to "reduce the amount of information coming into your view. Of course, we're not talking about leaving the house empty. It's not normal behavior. What you see is what others want you to see. Hide what you don't want to be seen. For the person that wants vision neat to death so, all sorts of drawer, cabinet, lens case, storage boxes to be the existence like an angel simply. You can't underestimate this word, can "hide" people are masters. True hide, it is to use all available space rise.



It is because the space is small, so want the place of edge corner more make full use of. The trick to order is segmentation, the division of storage space. Divide the space well, can be used to receive more things naturally. The division that receives a space wants enough simple, give a group of goods to classify logically, find so convenient. Entity classification is separated by different storage containers.  Whether it is storage boxes, plastic baskets, glass cans, iron boxes, paper boxes, airtight bags, LIDS without LIDS, soft hard...It can be used flexibly according to the characteristics of the goods. As long as you're using a handy container, use your head and don't get stuck in a rut.


Things that haven't been used for a long time, clothes that haven't been worn for a long time, all kinds of packing boxes, little gifts that haven't been used for buying things, throw them away, throw them away. For a girl, there must be a lot of clutter that makes you feel like you're going to use something in the future that you've never used before. At this time, please give it up decisively. Trust me, you won't need it. Only by getting rid of all these things will it make sense to store them later.





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