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Toilet Brush Is Not Clean How To Do, Have These Methods Brush Cry Toilet

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Every time the toilet is washed, it appears that the rapids have swept the dirt away with the bacteria, but studies have shown that the number of bacteria on the inner wall of the toilet, which has just been washed up, is still as high as 100,000, so cleaning the toilet is an important measure to maintain health. So what if the toilet brush is not clean? What should I do with the daily maintenance of the toilet?Refer to the method below to brush the crying toilet.

1.Sand paper descaling method: use the smallest sand paper to rub toilet stain, can remove the dirt that the detergent cannot remove. This is often used for stubborn stains, can brush as much as possible without sand paper, even if used must be fine sand paper.

2. Vinegar scale removal: the vinegar and water half mixture into the toilet, soak for a period of time, the scale will be brushed off. Vinegar also has germicidal effect, bubble time can be a little longer.

3. Sodding: sprinkle soda in the toilet and rinse it in hot water for half an hour. Dirt can be scrubbed off. If stains are accumulated for a long time, you can put more baking soda, and the water temperature should not overheat, lest the toilet burst.

brush cleaning

4. Bleach cleaning method: first pour the bleach powder on the brush, brush in a semi-wet state, then rinse it with water after a while.

5. Self-made toilet brush: flush toilet cleaning for a long time is not clean easy to produce yellow dirt, the general short brush is difficult to clean up, have time to make a cleaning brush yourself, Apply waste nylon socks or nylon cloth to one end of the stick and brush it with foam detergent or baking soda to keep the toilet white once a month.

Before talking about how to brush the toilet, we need to know that when flushing, the toilet lid turns open, and the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can carry germs or microbes into the air six meters high, suspended in the air for a few hours, and then fall on walls and toothbrushes. Gargle the cup, on the towel. Also whether the toilet is clean, the key is how to do the daily toilet protection, this is also very important.


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