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What's Your Level in Home Storage Learning?

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If you learn to how to store and organize your life, then you will find fun with looking at the neat and orderly room after storage. It is said that in the process of learning storage, there are several stages to go through, then what level are you in? Let us see as below from rookie level  to master level~

Level 1 Rookie level: Items are stacked at random 

For a rookie, there are no rules for random living items. It is like collecting all kinds of items, which leads to more and more things in the room. Usually, the room is messy and unorganized. But sometimes you are worried about not finding something to use. Is it time to sort out your piled up items and give your home a space !

Storage tips

You need to learn the methods of storage management, you can try simple items and storage tools, such as plastic drawers storage, plastic storage boxes, plastic laundry basket, plastic desk storage set, dirty clothes basket and so on. However, take your time and focus on cultivating a sense of storage.

Level 2 Beginner Level

As a beginner, you already have a preliminary sense of storage. You can organize items in different ways and clean up unnecessary items. You can plan your own storage space, use the storage tools effectively, and basically restrain the impulse to buy things. 

Storage Tips

Do you think it is still a little difficult to stick to it? Sometimes I will be lazy and exhausted? You also need to persevere, further develop and maintain your storage habits, you will find that life will really change.

Level 3 Intermediate Level

He tries overcoming procrastination and develops the habit of returning to the place after use, focusing on subdivision, keeping the space and articles as clean as possible and being able to close and open the tools are used in combination to ensure the entrance is neat and beautiful. Congratulations on your daily routine, and finally stay away from the messy room, accompanied by cleanliness and neatness, you will be excited and happy for your small achievements.

Storage Tips

Although room storage has achieved results, it can not be slack, improve space utilization, make the best use of materials, and strive to move closer to the storage master.

Level 4 Master Level

Proficient in storage, with a strong sense of storage, easily to give a reasonable storage method anytime, anywhere, make full use of any space in the home, all items are neatly categorized, and both aesthetic and practical. Congratulations, you have become one of the few masters in the storage industry.

Storage Tips

you can freely use the essence of “breaking away from you”. While continuing to maintain, you can also try to keep your home special effect.





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