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Easy Guide to Keep Home Clean

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Easy Guide to Keep Home Clean

Are you still busy with cleaning your big living room every day? Are you still vexed about the mess bathroom? Here we have a simple guide to help you keep a home clean throughout the year. Some things in the house need to be cleaned every day, some are cleaned every week, some are cleaned every month or seasonally. Follow me to get some reasonable advice and take a relief from the busy cleaning up.

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Daily Cleaning

Keeping a home clean on a daily basis is important, because it helps you maintain the clean and quiet shelter that everyone wants their home to be. The daily cleaning tasks are those that tend to be small and might seem insignificant, but they really make a big difference.

1.Wash the dishes. A clean sink has a way of making the whole kitchen cleaner! 

2.Make your bed. If you make your bed everyday, then the main focal point of the room is always clean.

3.Sort the mail. Letting bills and junk mail pile up is just a recipe for disorganization.

4.Wipe up spills and clean messes as they happen, because they’ll just get worse if you put them off.

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Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleaning tasks also play an important role in keeping households clean. Weekly cleaning guides include things that do not need to be cleaned every day, but if they are not cleaned several times a month, they can quickly get out of control.

1.Wash towels and mattresses, sheets and pillowcases.

2.Clean the whole bathroom, including dust for lamps.

3.Sweep, dust and mop the bathroom and kitchen floor. Vacuum the carpets.

4.Dust the table, bedside cabinet and coffee table.

5.Clean out all the garbage cans in the whole house. Clean the outside with a sterile wipe.

6.Clean all the mirrors and glasses throughout the house, especially bathroom mirrors.

7.Go through the refrigerator and throw out outdated food and old leftovers.

8.Clean all kitchen surfaces. 

9.Wipe off the inside of the microwave oven.

Monthly Cleaning

Monthly cleaning does not require much time and labour, but they are often the things that are easily ignored until mess up.

1.Dust off the books and bookshelves.

2.Dust the ceiling fan and vacuum the floor vent with a vacuum cleaner. In the meantime, make sure you also wipe the dust off the floor.

3.Wipe all switch boards and electrical covers.

4.Clean the window sill and windows.

5.Scrub bathroom cement slurry, wash bathtub and shower tiles.

6.Clean the filter from your cooker hood.

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Seasonally Cleaning

Seasonal cleaning is also known as spring cleaning and autumn cleaning. This is the time you deal with the bigger cleaning work around the house.

1.Vacuum and reverse the mattress. Wash the pillows.

2.Clean the oven and don't forget the oven glass!

3.Sort out your pantry and kitchen cabinets.

4.Wipe the contents of the refrigerator.

5.Clean the fireplace.

6.Wipe the wall of the entire house.

7.Overturn the area carpet.

There, you can easily find daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal home cleaning guidelines. Hope it can be helpful for your home cleaning work and reduce the burden on do cleaning. Get some basic home cleaning tools and begin your cleaning work right now! 





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