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How Much Do You Know About Brush?

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How Much Do You Know About Brush?

Brush, generally refers to the use of wool, brown, plastic wire, wire, etc. made of cleaning dirt or smearing ointment and other appliances are generally long or oval with a handle. Brushes, also known as brushes, are divided into industrial brushes and civilian brushes according to their use areas.

The matters you need attention in brush cleaning are as follows:


Brushes Care

1. After the brush is washed, gently press it with a tissue paper or cotton pad with your finger to let the water out, but remember not to twist the brush, otherwise it will destroy the brush, and make the structure of the brush loose, leading to the hair removal.

2. After washing, the brush can be hung up to let the bristles dry downward.

3. Never wash against the bristles .

4. To be air-dried naturally, you can't use a hairdryer to dry, let alone put it in the sun to dry, otherwise it may hurt the brush material.

window brushes

Civil Brush

The brushes used in daily life mainly include kitchen brush, bath brush, shoe brush, toothbrush, pot brush, laundry brush, cap brush, bathtub brush, milk bottle brush, glass cleaning brush, test tube brush, pet brush, massage brush, barbecue oven brush, bath brush, stainless steel sanitary brush, toilet brush, sponge window brush, shoe brush, clothes brush, roller brush, wall brush, paint brush, car brush, snow brush, etc.

Industrial Brush

Used in industrial production, the main role is dust control, polishing, cleaning, grinding.

According to the industry, brushes can be divided into: 

1. Metal industry: pickling alkali cleaning brush, polishing brush.

2. Food and beverage industry: various vegetable cutter brushes, mushroom washer brushes, hair removal brushes, Fruit Washer brushes.

3. Textile printing and dyeing industry: brush wheel, needle board, chain, cloth clip, hair burner brush, hair grinder brush, hair brush, comber brush, spinning machine brush leather.

4. Footwear industry: leather grinder brush, meat grinder brush, polishing brush.

5. Woodworking private business: sander brush, polishing cloth wheel, brown brush.

6. Environmental protection industry: all kinds of road sweeper brushes and floor washer brushes.

7. Glass industry: cleaning machine brush, edge grinder brush.

cleaning broom

Brushes Seclection

The quality of the brush has always been a topic concern to many users. When selecting a brush, the quality of the production is not at the bottom, but some customers will consider the cost when selecting the brush, and may choose some poor accessory brushes. Then how should we choose a good brush?

In fact, a good brush is directly related to the quotation and quality of the product. It is necessary to know that the price is equal to raw materials, and low-cost brushes, the quality is relatively good. The main purpose of the brush is to clean, clean, derust, degrease, polish and so on. 

There are many kinds of brush filaments. For example, nylon PA6 and nylon 610 or 612 are used to make the same brush roller. The difference between the functions and raw material is quite a lot. The brush roller made of nylon PA6 is also a little better than the plastic wire. It is not only non-wearing and has poor resilience. 

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