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Practical Space Storage Guidelines

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The neatness of the home environment is closely related to our mood. Clean and orderly home environment can improve our work efficiency and quality of life. However, in the face of the accumulation of more supplies for daily use, a lot of people tend to have weak heart. This article will give some practical Suggestions for scientific integration.

Space Collection Logic

Before we organize everything, we should first have an organization logic to help us clear our mind. An effective spatial storage logic should be a thinking process from large to small.

1. Carry out the whole house storage design.

From door model choice and decorate begin, be about to blend in receive thinking. Before decorating, should want to consider you to receive ark to should how be put, and be not to decorate the ability after finishing living for a long time begins anxious head by rot.

2. Evenly distribute the storage area.

Follow nearby receive a principle, receive dimensional utilization rate to be able to be tall so.

3. Organize by subdivision.

Let small things have a place to take, convenient.

4.Be true to life.

Should take the life habit of oneself and family as jumping-off point.

storage box

Household Storage

1. Shoe cabinet Settings

First is to consider the capacity.

The home of a 4 people can have 35-50 pairs of shoes probably, the number is quite large, because this shoe ark receives, want large capacity inside allowing limits above all.

Second, the shoe cabinet deep.

Consider the depth that the family needs to design shoe ark basically. Do not suggest ark is too deep big, too deep ark is deep appear easily space wastes a phenomenon. Special requirements can be based on the actual situation to customize.

Third,improve the utilization rate of shoe cabinet.

Want to use habit according to the individual, put shoe to take with the convenience is accurate. Imagine you've been walking around all day, carrying so many things in your hands that you don't bother to put them in the closet after you take off your shoes. Can reserve certain space in shoe ark lower part, use for putting the shoe that changes at any time.

2. Hook setting

If porch does not have the place of pensile coat and bag, the thing throws easily conveniently on the sofa of the sitting room, add chaotic sense to the sitting room. Hook is installed in shoe ark upper part, can hang the thing such as bag of cap, small bag, shopping bag already, still can hang key. Add tidiness to your home.

3. One-stop solution

If you want to have a perfect storage porch at home, you can let professionals customize a cabinet according to their family's living habits, one-stop solution to all the storage problems.

storage box

Sitting room space organization

The sitting room is the main place that receives a guest and family to act together, assuming important social function, of the sitting room neat very important.

1. Make full use of wall space

A lot of people can choose a short long TV ark at the beginning, be in next do beautiful TV wall. Just finish decorating is very good-looking, but so greatly wasted metope receive a function. Live for a long time, increase in living things, things are all piled up on the cabinet and tea table below the TV, appear the sitting room messy. In life, you have to leave some space and place for the fireworks.

Integral body TV ark can use good metope space better, increase receive a space, and won't affect beautiful sex.

2, Make full use of the storage function of the tea table

The living room with a lot of fine items, all kinds of remote controls, tea, cups, mobile phone charging cable and so on. When all of these things are piled up on the surface of the coffee table and drawer, it can be very messy.

Receive the tea table with much space, can conceal fine broken article in tea table lower part, maintain the surface clean and neat. Lower part receives a space to be able to be set according to different domestic demand completely close or half close receive a space. If the family has children, the open space can also be used for toys and picture books. Especially for children under the age of 6, the height of the tea table is convenient for them to get, conducive to the development of children's reading habits.

3, Make full use of sitting room partition and corner space

The corner position of a few sitting rooms or partition, we are common easy oversight. But want those who use only is received good place, what can share tea table receives pressure.

A lot of people are used to using the adornment such as screen to undertake partition between sitting room and dining-room. Replace screen to undertake partition with partition ark actually, can increase greatly receive a space. Sitting room partition ark, the top and among is open mode, do not affect the light to pass, still can put partial adornment, already beautiful and practical.

storage box

Bedroom space storage

Everyone likes to put things in the bedroom. Daily reserve of bottles, cans, readily read books, seasonal electrical appliances, etc., how to cleverly hide these things?Wardrobe and bedside space are good choices.

1. Chest

(1) Wardrobe size

The ark with general chest is deep in 60cm left and right sides can be more convenient. In terms of hanging height, we can choose 80-140cm. The length of coats we wear in winter is generally less than 140cm, and the height of the long hanging pole can be fixed within 140cm, which should be enough. Other requirements can be customized according to their own situation.

Need to pay attention to, however, when customizing indomitable sky standing ground wardrobe, to consider their own height. Hang the height of the pole had better not exceed height 1.2 times, take otherwise take painstacingly, can idle closet space gradually.

(2) Reasonable layout of the wardrobe space, classified folding storage.

Sorting is easy to take, try to use folding instead of folding. Wardrobe space also needs to be organized.

(3) Increase hanging and follow-up free play space.

Many people in the purchase or custom wardrobe, did not consider their own needs, often custom cubicle very much wardrobe. By the time of actual use, most clothes will be stacked. But after all, we all tend to hang our clothes more conveniently than fold them. When hanging, pay attention to the long and short sections, from long to short for hanging, the space under the clothes can be free to put bags or other items.

(4) Re-customize or transform the wardrobe pattern.

If your current wardrobe pattern is a waste of space or has caused a bad impact on your clothing storage, you may want to consider customizing your wardrobe. Reasonable chest space pattern is used, can increase greatly receive efficiency.

2. Make good use of the bedside space

Be apt to the position such as space of metope of head of a bed, ark of the head of a bed hides thing, can change the furniture of the bedroom to be able to receive the type as far as possible. For example the metope ark that customizes a head of a bed, ark of the head of a bed, receive stool to wait to use at receiving relatively commonly used goods.

Keep Tidy and maintain

1, Learn to give up

Most people's infrequently used items in the home account for half or more of the total items, while the other side is still buying and buying, so the goods in the home naturally pile up. The core of learn to give up is to let yourself take back the dominant right to all items in the home, let the home as much as possible is useful and commonly used items. Break shed is left, it is the premise that science receives.

2. Put things back where they belong.

 Make it a habit to go back to where you came from. Scientific storage can make it easy for you to take and put items. As long as the items are returned to their original place, they can be easily kept clean and tidy.

3. Cultivate the family's sense of inclusion.

If the burden of cleaning up falls on you alone, no matter how much you borrow and receive, you will still be confused. For example, it is better for parents to learn how to abandon their children and teach their children to put their used toys back to their original places so that the whole family can receive them together.

Finally, it is very important to use all kinds of storage boxes in order to make the goods in good order. Neither plastic storage, plastic storage boxes, plastic laundry basket, plastic desk storage set, nor dirty clothes basket, which are also drawers, can play a large role when it is properly deployed.

All the time, we are accustomed to people to adapt to the house, feel that the house is immutable, can only change people's habits to adapt to the layout of the house. And forgot talent is the theme of life, the house should be the life that wants a person to serve.

Although we lack initiative on door model, but household layout can let us individual character is arranged however. Nowadays, there are many whole-house customization enterprises, providing more scientific and personalized solutions for people's personalized and comfortable homes.

Instead of letting your house dictate your storage and lifestyle, let it conform to your lifestyle. Learn to use scientific customized programs, regain the right to control life, enjoy a new way of life.





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