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Ten Simple Ways to Use Up the Wasted Space

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Storage is the key to manage the space. Here are some practical tips to share with everyone. 


Storage Boxes and Bags

The storage boxes and bags can store many items. This is not only easy to sort and store, but also easier to maintain hygiene. Add the cabinet space by adding hooks or hanging storage pockets.

Such a cloth storage bag is hung on the wall of the writing desk. Refills, erasers, tapes, rulers and other small items will never be lost.


Stereoscopic Utilization

There will be a lot of cupboard space in the house. If it is full, it will be very difficult to handle it. It will be wasted half of the space. To use the space stereoscopically, we can put some small baskets that can slide back and forth in the space. When we make full use of the space, we can also classify and conveniently put them.


Sliding Cabinets

A series of kitchen appliances such as rice cookers, toasters, egg cookers, blenders, etc., if are placed in some small sliding cabinets, they will make the kitchen refreshing.

Universal Hooks

Universal hooks can add a lot of space to accommodate. The inside of the door is usually neglected space. If some S-shaped hooks set on the inside of the door, you can hang a lot of small objects, and you can't see anything after closing the door.


Make Space under the bed

In order to increase the space, you can make full use of the high-level under-bed space and put things under the bed. This method is especially suitable for houses with small bedroom. and higher bed frame, the more space can be accommodated.


Grid Board

The wire mesh board is also a good storage device, which can make full use of the three-dimensional space. Place this combination, wire mesh plate + hook + cross bar in the kitchen and hang up the pan, spatula and all in the kitchen. This combination makes the kitchen look a lot brighter.


Wonderful Pencil Case

We can use a lot of pencil cases, plastic baskets as a storage tool for the bag, so that the bag can be placed vertically, not easily deformed. A pencil case or a plastic basket can be placed on the top of the cabinet in the kitchen, and some of the less useful ones can be placed inside.

Removable Storage Rack

If your bathroom doesn't want too many pendants, you can choose to place a removable storage rack, which is more flexible.

Clothes Rack

The clothes rack is an artifact that is especially space-saving. When using it, put it off the wall. When not in use, it stays quietly on the wall. This saves more space than traditional drying racks. It is fixed above the washing machine and does not occupy other space. You don't have to worry about drying your clothes on a rainy day.


Embedded Cabinet

In the living room, it is a new ideal that a wall is embedded in the cabinet. It makes huge storage space which can store the messy small items in the whole living room.

The built-in cabinet is also ideal for restaurant wall design, making the room look clean and tidy. If you use the full cabinet, you can not only store the sundries in the invisible, but also arrange the position of the items in an orderly manner to facilitate the storage of the items. 





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